About Curtis

CURTIS H. TUCKER is a So-Cal born and raised boy who grew up surfing the breaks of Newport Beach (he even lettered in surfing in high-school). While his grandparents (Frank & Peggy) were both very active in a Presbyterian church in southern California where his grandmother worked as the accountant for fifty years, Curtis grew up with little involvement in the church. His childhood memories of church were of singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and Do Your Ears Hang Low. Looking back now as a pastor of a vibrant, wonderful, small community church in beautiful Central Oregon for the past fifteen years that lack of Christian upbringing has served him well in his pursuit of God with openness and inquisitiveness. He came to Christ late in life (at the age of nineteen) and after a number of years in business in Dallas, Texas he moved to Portland, Oregon and earned his Master of Divinity at Western Seminary.  Curtis has an insatiable thirst for studying the Bible and teaching it to others through various means so that others can find and experience the vibrant freedom that comes from walking with God.  Curtis has two sons: Carson and Cooper.  

Curtis H. Tucker